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The News Observer: Return David Ralston to Georgia’s House of Representatives 0

May 16, 2018

When David Ralston first ran for public office, he promised that the people he was elected to serve would always be his top priority. He has kept that promise.

As the Georgia House Representative from the 7th District, he has put Fannin County and the rest of the district on the map. The policy makers, lawmakers and people who control the purse strings in the state’s capital all know where the district is and who represents it.

Because of Ralston’s work as the district representative, the sliver of north Georgia extending mostly along Highway 515 north above Pickens County is no longer ignored. In fact, the 7th District’s needs, ideas, goals and philosophies are often at the top of the lists that shape the future of  Georgia.

Since Ralston took office in 2003, he has compiled a lengthy list of accomplishments for Fannin, Gilmer and the part of Lumpkin County he serves.

In Fannin County, the list includes creation of a University of North Georgia campus, millions of dollars to improve Highway 5 between Blue Ridge and McCaysville and the appointment of numerous Fannin County residents to positions that form the heart and core of Georgia. These are just the major accomplishments. Look around Fannin County and your eyes will likely land upon something that has been created or improved thanks to Ralston’s efforts.

Not only has he served Fannin County well, he has carried his leadership to the entire State of Georgia.

Serving as the 73rd Speaker of the House, a position he was elected to in 2010, he has brought order to a body that, at the time, was filled with chaos, back-biting and no accomplishments to its credit.

Ralston has turned the House Chamber and its members into a professional organization able to come together to lead the great state of Georgia.

Ralston has served every position he has held with hard work and integrity. His record speaks for itself.

Now, it’s time to recognize his efforts, his sacrifices and his desire to continue his service by voting for his re-election. The time is now to return David Ralston to Atlanta. Do it at the polls.

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