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The Fight Against Obamacare 0

March 28, 2014

The Georgia House of Representatives led the country this year in passing measures to protect citizens from the harmful consequences of ObamaCare implementation.

I was especially concerned about federal officials’ attempts to coerce state leaders into a costly expansion of Medicaid coverage.   That is why I co-authored HB 990, which simply says that no governor can unilaterally expand the program and put Georgia taxpayers on the hook for billions in new costs without prior legislative consent.   I am proud to say that Governor Deal was fully supportive of HB 990 and continues to bravely stand up to pressure from federal officials and Democrats in Georgia.    When HB 990 is signed into law, Governor Deal will have new reinforcements from the legislature in resisting this onerous and overreaching federal policy.

Another House measure, HB 707, also focused on stopping ObamaCare.  After the Senate blocked HB 707, the final version of this proposal was passed in HB 943 and does the following:

  • Blocks taxpayer funds from being used to advocate for Medicaid expansion in Georgia;
  • Prohibits the state from operating insurance exchanges proposed by ObamaCare; and
  • Ensures no taxpayer money will be used to operate a “Navigator” program, a federal initiative to promote Obamacare in our state.

I worked very hard on both of these measures and fought to make sure they both passed the legislature and were sent to Governor Deal.  Georgians are rightly concerned about the costs and far-reaching intrusions of federal intervention contained in Obamacare. Protecting the interests of our state’s citizens was a top priority of this legislative session.

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