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As a citizen of the 7th District, you have a right to know what I believe and how I represent you in the Georgia House.

I believe in the conservative principles of the Republican Party.

I have spent my time in public service fighting for our common sense, north Georgia conservative values. I have a record of public service that I am very proud of – a record of taking the values of our community to Atlanta, not the other way around.



I believe in:

  • Downsizing Our Government.
  • Supporting Our Public Education System.
  • Creating A Strong Economic Climate For Job Growth & Free Enterprise.
  • Investing In Better Infrastructure.
  • Implementing Fiscally Conservative Policies That Force Government To Live Within Its Means, Balance The State Budget, And Keep Taxes Low.
  • Protecting Our Constitutional Rights, Especially the Right To Keep And Bear Arms, And The Right To Life, Liberty And The Pursuit of Happiness As Our Founders Intended.
  • Safeguarding Our Traditional Conservative Values, Most Importantly Protecting The Unborn And The Sanctity of Human Life.


Serving my friends and neighbors in the Georgia House of Representatives is a great honor. It’s an even greater honor to fight every day for the common sense, conservative north Georgia values that we all share.

This is not something new for me. I didn’t show up yesterday looking for a title. I have spent my life championing conservative values, values that are drilled down into the fiber of my being.

Like the strength and character of the people of north Georgia, my conservative values run true and deep.

And, like others born and raised here, I have an independent streak.

“Doing the right thing” is not a slogan created for the campaign season. To me, it’s a way of life.

I always vote in a manner that I believe best serves you and best represents you. Before I became Speaker, your Georgia House of Representatives was engulfed in scandal and turmoil. I risked my political career to fix that.

Today, I serve as the first Speaker of the House to come from north Georgia. This is the first time in our state’s history that our area and our values have had this much influence across Georgia.

My opponent and his “supporters” in Atlanta, Washington, DC and elsewhere have been trying to spread all sorts of nonsense about me. But don’t be fooled.

Their campaign is not about what’s best for our community or our state. Their campaign is about the narrow agenda of some special interests at the State Capitol. They didn’t get their way on some issue or another, so they found a puppet on a string to pick a fight with me.

Unfortunately, my opponent’s campaign has already gotten down in the mud with shrill attacks, anonymous cheap shots, and outright lies. As you know, deceitfulness is not a conservative virtue.

I have found in my career in law and my time in public service that there are always those that put themselves above the needs of the community.  They put their ego and their personal agendas above what’s best for everyone else. They’ll say anything and do anything to get their way.

I say bring it on.

To the special interests and the radicals and the self promoters – to anyone who thinks their petty agenda is more important than what’s best for the families of Fannin County, or Gilmer County, or Dawson County – I say bring it on.

If they want to undermine our community, our values…. they’re going to have to come through me first.

I am not afraid to stand up to liberals in Washington, DC or special interests in Atlanta or anyone else who seeks to undermine our communities or threaten our way of life.

In me, you will always have a champion for more opportunity, more freedom, and for what’s right. You can depend on me to always do what’s best for you.

Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for the opportunity to serve and represent you in the Georgia House of Representatives. If I can ever be of service to you, I hope you will use this website to contact me.

I humbly ask for your vote in the Republican Primary on May 22nd.

At Your Service,

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David Ralston

Speaker of the
Georgia House of Representatives

P.O. Box 1196, Blue Ridge, GA 30513 | 706.632.2221 |

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