About David

I have spent my time in service fighting for our North Georgia conservative values. I have a record of public service that I am very proud of – a record of taking the values of our community to Atlanta, not the other way around.

I always vote in a manner that I believe best serves you and best represents you.

I am not afraid to stand up to liberals in Washington, DC or, special interests in Atlanta or anyone else who seeks to undermine our communities or threaten our way of life.

In me, you will always have a champion for more opportunity, more freedom, and for what’s right. You can depend on me to always do what’s best for you.


Conservative Leadership

I believe in the conservative principles of the Republican Party.

  • Mental Health Advocate

    Georgia’s mental health system is ranked 48th in the nation for access to mental health and substance abuse services – this is unacceptable.

  • Importance of Public Safety

    Georgia backs the blue. In 2022 alone we will invest millions of dollars to provide better training and more resources to support both state and local law enforcement officers.

  • Economic Development

    Georgia’s economy is thriving — we continue to work to keep Georgia competitive by expanding rural broadband, recruiting new businesses, and working with the private sector to create more high-paying jobs in every community across the state.

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    Commitment to North Georgia

    Keeping the Majority

    I'm proud to have worked to maintain and grow our Republican majority in Georgia by fighting for the values that make this state great.

    2nd Amendment

    We have expanded Georgians' rights under the Second Amendment allowing law-abiding gun owners to protect themselves and their families.

    Election Integrity

    We've made Georgia the #1 state for election integrity by passing Senate Bill 202 in 2021 -- it strengthens ID requirements for voters, protects the integrity of ballots and guards against ballot harvesting practices.


    Georgia House of Representatives
    District 7

    The mountains of District 7 are a part of me. They have shaped my character and my conservative value. We believe in personal responsibility, helping our neighbors, going to church, and being there for our family. Our mountain values are what makes me show up every day for our District.

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