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Speaker Ralston on the Gun Bill 0

April 23, 2014
The House of Representatives fought for two years to pass a bill that
would allow Georgia gun owners and concealed carry permit holders to
meaningfully use the 2nd Amendment Right to "bear arms." After all, it
doesn't make sense to say you believe in the constitution, and believe
in the Second Amendment, but disagree with the "Right to Bear Arms."

I was proud that the House of Representatives led on this issue, and I
thank the members of the House like Rick Jasperse, John Meadows, Alan
Powell and many others who fought so long and so hard to turn this
bill into law.  I also thank Governor Nathan Deal for his advice, counsel, 
leadership and very especially for joiningus in Ellijay to sign House Bill 60.

Our intent all along was to empower Georgians who want to exercise
their right to arm, and if necessary, defend themselves and their
families.  HB 60 will allow concealed carry permit holders to exercise
rights in many more non-secure, public places.  This bill also
protects the rights of property owners to choose whether or not to
allow guns on their property, while offering locals Boards of
Education the option to arm certain school personnel – who have
received firearms training – to ensure the safety of our children.

It is an unfortunate reality that we live in a very dangerous world.
But the fact remains, that the best way to save innocent life is to
dissuade, disarm or disable those who would seek to do us harm.   Here
in Georgia, we are also saying to the bad guys that they better think
twice about targeting our citizens, because we have a "first
responder" force like no other.

Speaker of the
Georgia House of Representatives

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